IONBIKE RISE Project continues to produce collaborative research in the use of iongels for bioelectronics.

Panaxium is fortunate to share progress as an industry partner within the consortium of leading institutions in Iongel research

Supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, Ionbike is a Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project to encourage the exchange among partners across the EU, with a focus on the development of iongel materials for bioelectronics. As described on the IONBIKE website,iongels are a new type of soft solid materials with the potential of be used as a a new generation of implantable/wearable devices in bioelectronics, such as electrodes for electrophysiology, biosensors or e-skins.

In the past year, Panaxium’s own chemist Dr. Isabel del Agua, PhD., a member of the company’s Next Generation Technology group, joined a secondment to POLYMAT, at the University of The Basque Country, Spain, and Panaxium hosted a secondment of an Early Stage Researcher Naroa López from POLYMAT. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the stellar outputs of the consortium, including recent publications:

Ana Aguzin, Gisela C. Luque, Ludmila I. Ronco, Isabel del Agua, Gregorio Guzmán-González, Bastien Marchiori, Agustina Gugliotta, Liliana C. Tomé, Luis M. Gugliotta, David Mecerreyes and Roque J. Minari (2022).
Gelatin and Tannic Acid Based Iongels for Muscle Activity Recording and Stimulation Electrodes
ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 2022, 8, 6, 2598–2609

Matías L. Picchio, Antonela Gallastegui, Nerea Casado, Naroa Lopez-Larrea, Bastien Marchiori, Isabel del Agua, Miryam Criado-Gonzalez, Daniele Mantione, Roque J. Minari, David Mecerreyes (2022).
Mixed Ionic and Electronic Conducting Eutectogels for 3D-Printable Wearable Sensors and Bioelectrodes

Advanced Materials Technologies 2022, XXX, YYY, 2101680

Gisela C. Luque, Matías L. Picchio, Ana P. S. Martins, Antonio Dominguez-Alfaro, Nicolás Ramos, Isabel del Agua, Bastien Marchiori, David Mecerreyes, Roque J. Minari, Liliana C. Tomé (2021).
3D Printable and Biocompatible Iongels for Body Sensor Applications.
Advanced Electronic Materials 2021, 7, 8, 2100178.

The project continues to provide an opportunity to exchange expertise and know how, and as an industry partner, by connecting our commercial-focused R&D efforts with the fundamental material science innovations, which will ultimately lead to better treatments that will rely on the novel properites of iongels. You can follow the announcements of novel outputs of the project on the IONBIKE Outputs page of the project site.