Precision Directed

We imagine a future where permanent disability from brain injury no longer exists.

Modern neuroscience has discovered how the human brain can be intentionally rewired post-injury – but the tools do not exist yet.

1 in 3 people

will survive a stroke or traumatic brain injury in their lifetime – but still be left with life-altering disability.

Our Solution

Get In and Get Out.

We believe the purpose of the ultimate brain-machine interface is to heal the human brain.

Panaxium’s precision therapy BMI platform is built for surgeons and neurologists to directly intervene, treat the injury, and leave the patient to return to a life of normalcy.

An up close approach

Iontronic interface safely & selectively “speaks” the language of cells to direct precision healing.

It’s not just about the hardware: Precision healing requires advanced understanding of an injury

Panaxium’s proprietary MRI protocol & AI-assisted analysis generates complete patient-specific representations of entire functional networks. This identifies specific disruption from damage, predicts natural recovery, and aids planning for the implantation.

Together these technologies will enable the ultimate therapy: turning everyday activities into assisted recovery exercises.

In the OR, faster

Partnership with Synaptive Medical

Unlocking the ultimate brain-machine interface neuro-recovery therapy is not just about the device itself. It requires the ability to assess, plan, and strategize a personalized functional remapping to every patient’s specific injury.

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